My photographs explore distances. The distances-between. Constructs in isolation. Forms in stillness. Substance and separation.

Distances – and the light that gives them volume – these are a form of stillness. I want to reach this stillness, to sit with it and listen. To catch glimpses across a span of quietude.

'sites' encompasses one strain: the distances-between of our human landscape: designed, constructed, inhabited, protected. This terrain is the place of people’s dreaming. As with other dreams, much remains unspoken. These projects employ a structured mode of seeing, often highly ordered and insistent. From such insistence a quieter sense can find its place.

'subjective' tacks to another strain: the distances-between of photography as a mode of seeing versus one of recognition. If human-made sites offer the surfaces of a collective dream, photographs suggest another act of dreaming: a dream pointing beyond itself. What is it to see through photography? What signals the moment of seeing past a photograph and its contents, slipping past its borderline to inhabit another space?